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New Beginnings


220/365: Feb 8 2009. My nephew Darcy celebrated his 13th birthday today. This symbolic day is the reason I chose to fly back this weekend. Lots of silly showing off and excited kids and a big fancy breakfast out on the front verandah with his grandparents and the family. Lovely.


221/365: Feb 9 2009. While over 200 people and many thousands of cute furry animals (don't get me started, I'll start getting weepy) were burned to death in the most horrific natural disaster to hit Australia ever, the region where I am was copping its annual wet season. A lot of the places down south a little, and out west in the gulf country, were seriously flooded. Highways were cut and most Cairns/Port Douglas supermarkets sold out of fresh produce (fortunately my supply of banana's wasn't threatened). Hundreds of homes were seriously flooded, and some 100 000 head of cattle died as floods headed inland. Farmers 80 km's inland had to shut all the gates (in chest deep water) to keep out the circling crocodiles. Yes, I sh*t you not. This is one CRAAAAZY country. Sadly the bushfires kept the news of the serious nature of these floods out of the news (it is being called "the most under-reported natural disaster in the Gulf country's history") , and while the whole world donated generously to the fire survivors (even the flood affected), the flood victims had to staunchly soldier on with very little public and government support. Such a tragedy when 2 natural disasters happen in the same country at the same time.


222/365: Feb 10 2009. This week was all about impressions, colours, shapes, smells. Even goldie the goldfish in her large ceramic outdoor Thai pot, encrusted with moss, took on a fascinating aura.


223/365: Feb 11 2009. Just before I arrived, a carton of white wine was purchased on special to celebrate my return. We drank a bottle or 2 every day. And ate the most exquisite dips and crackers. Ah, the food. The wine. Summer, I love theeeeeee.


224/365: Feb 12 2009. Sorry, bear with me as I indulge in my fascination/love/obsession for tropical shapes, textures, etc. Even palm fronds are looking exotic to me at the moment. I'm sure this will pass, but for now, I'm soaking it up and indulging my lens in the most arbitrary of subjects.


225/365: Feb 13 2009. The backyard. Love the little people's pool.


226/365: Feb 14 2009. A friend of my brother's - well, ok, ok, the niece of one of my brother's best friends celebrated her (month-long) 21st this evening, with a most civilised 3 course home cooked feast on the back deck at their home in town. The table loved amazing, all sprinkled with little red hearts which ended up all over all of us for days to come.

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